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                Tibetan students experience high speed train in North China

                2020-01-20 16:50:00China Tibet Online

                A group photo of Tibetan students with the high-speed train.

                On January 9, 70 Tibetan students from the Middle School Affiliated to Shanxi University experienced the development and advanced technology of China’s high speed train at Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi Province in Norh China.

                Tibetan students experience high speed train.

                Tibetan students experience high speed train seats.

                In the high-speed train carriage, students experienced VIP seats and broadcasts etc.. Some students who were traveling on the high-speed train for the first time took selfies. In the maintenance workshop, students watched a washing process of a high speed train, “robotic” flaw detection, and experienced VR simulation of emergency response to malfunction and 3D teaching.

                Tibetan students observe high speed train.

                Lhakpa Chodron, whose hometown is in Ngari, Tibet, said excitedly: “Every time I go home during holidays, I have to take a train for two days and then change to a car for another two days. Now high-speed railway is developing so fast. I believe that my hometown will also enter the era of high-speed railway in the near future.”




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