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                Pupils for children's Spring Festival gala arrive in Beijing

                2020-01-23 13:29:00China Tibet Online

                On January 16, as train Z22 slowly approached the platform, a children's choir composed of 40 students from Nyishar Township Primary School in Tingri County of Shigatse and 20 students from Gongtang Township Primary School in Damxung County of Lhasa in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, arrived in Beijing, capital city of China.

                In October 2019, Nyishar Township Primary School and Gongtang Township Primary School received invitations from China Education Television, inviting them to participate in and record for the "Blooming Sunflower 2020 National Children's Spring Festival Gala".

                "We rehearsed for two months, and today we finally arrived in Beijing! My classmates and I all left the village for the first time and took the train for the first time. Everyone was very happy," Dandrol, a fifth grade student from Gongtang Township Primary School said.

                "I'm not tired at all. I was very excited to come to Beijing for the first time. After the rehearsal, my friends and I can go to Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City," the other child  said cheerfully.   

                After the performance and recording for the National Children's Spring Festival Gala, the pupils will visit places like Tian'anmen Square and the National Museum to learn about Chinese culture and experience the charm of the capital city.

                They will also interact with children from the Beijing Vienna Children's Choir and students from Beijing Jingshan Primary School.

                Editor: Tommy Tan.





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